dat tang lemon tart.



The sound of clucking behind your front teeth. That’s when you know you’ve hit the sharp, sweet and sour notes for the perfect curd of a Lemon Tart. Or Tarte au Citron for you fancy bastards.


My family spent a lot of time in belle France as a child and the particular taste was pretty much guaranteed anytime we out of doors whether it would come from a Bonne Maman packet or my old girl’s oven.


Despite its formidable reputation it isn’t that hard! It is however a fucking black hole of time and unlike a lot of the things made on Crustlust really requires that you have some particular utensils – namely a blender – there aren’t really any shortcuts or workarounds with this one. As it goes, despite borrowing (again) from Felicity Cloake at the Guardian I let my attention waver and the curd was too wobbly. After attacking it gleefully after a couple of hours of rest I realised it was Delicious Lemon Mess (™) rather than the elegant dessert it should be, and it required a decent spell in the fridge.

For the next shot I’d definitely recommend a blender as stirring that butter in with a whisk gets tiresome after 20 minutes and knock 25g of the sugar. That doesn’t sound like much, but would definitely let the TANG pop.

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