spicy slow cooked lamb shank ragu.

The weather is closing in which means the iron pot is out on the stove again and what better chill killer than a hearty slow cooked ragu? Now meat ragu is not all the same – you wouldn’t pair beef with mint sauce – so it’s a puzzle why so many ragu recipes keep the same essential recipe and change …


Italian. The language of passion. What better tongue to describe the delicate balance of crisp crust, fluffy dough, sweet caramalised onions, crunchy potatoes and pancetta. This delicate mingling of flavours I present for you today is called Schiacciata. It means squashed. Bellisimo. But really, who gives a shit. Look at it! It’s amazing. Like a lot of excellent Italian food, …

dat tang lemon tart.

  The sound of clucking behind your front teeth. That’s when you know you’ve hit the sharp, sweet and sour notes for the perfect curd of a Lemon Tart. Or Tarte au Citron for you fancy bastards.   My family spent a lot of time in belle France as a child and the particular taste was pretty much guaranteed anytime …

Soda Bread | Crustlust

easy, delicious soda bread.

Soda bread isn’t exactly known for it’s summery qualities, but it is quick, easy and delicious. So why the hell not?   Adapted this from Felicity Cloake’s column over at the Guardian, omitting the oats, halving the treacle and adding a dash more bicarb.    

Maltesers Cheesecake | Crustlust

Fuck Yeah Maltesers Cheesecake

Birthday coming up? Stuck for ideas?   Here’s one… Take a tried and tested and smash it full of confectionery!   The BBNYC went down a storm so I discarded the blueberries, chilled out on the lemon, swirled in some cocoa and poured in an entire bag of Maltesers.   Success!

Blueberry NY Cheesecake

I’ve long been at peace with the fact that most of the food I really enjoy isn’t overly healthy. But that’s what the gym’s for right – paleo is a crime against common sense and anyone with joy. Even those foods which flying solo would classify as “healthy” are better with a touch of the bad. Spinach for example. Delicious. …

Easy Rustic Bloomer - Crustlust

Easy Rustic Bloomer

Sometimes you just want something different. And then sometimes you just need something simpler. Or (in honesty) sometimes you’re actually feeling lazy. After 3 weeks away, a broken foot and terrible jet lag I needed something robust tasting for the week’s winter soup, without fighting with a starter or kneading. So here it is, a variation on the good old …