Frying Pan Pizza

Home Made Pizza = Frying Pan Pizza

    Think you can’t make delicious pizza at home in the oven? You can’t. Fact. Ask Pizza Pilgrims:   “The fact of the matter is that the conventional oven you find at home will never be able to make a great Neapolitan pizza, even if the best pizza chef in the world was in charge of it. Most domestic ovens will only reach …

Turkish Bread Recipe - Crustlust

Turkish Bread Delight

What’s better than chocolate? Not sex pervo – how about crispy crusted, oily innarded, salttacular Turkish bread? As good as soaking up a hangover as it is more oil, a truckload of tomatoes or the mightest sandiwiches, Turkish is a great one for a Sunday night bake to have for the week ahead.     Bread   White Flour 500gm …

Buckwheat Semi Sourdough

Buckwheat Seeded Semi Sourdough

  I’ve discovered the excellent Wild Yeast blog recently and have been on a rampage whirlwind of cooking and experimentation ever since.   With the time poverty avoided by the last couple of months, what I’ve most enjoyed is the discovery of semi-sourdough. Sourdough is one of life’s greatest delights, but it does have a habit of eating into half …

Watson's Bay Hotel Sunset


So I’ve gone from CrustLust to CrustSloth lately. This is not to say that I haven’t been baking lately, but I’ve certainly been baking less, as there’s been a fair bit on from a personal and professional perspective, as well as the onset of winter leading back to heady broths and potions, some of which are shown below.     …

Tiny Croissants

Tiny Croissants

Tiny Croissants…       …are the best way to start a Monday.

Cooked Olive Focaccia

Damn Olive Focaccia

Why Damn Focaccia? Simple – it’s DAMN easy and DAMN tasty.     Focaccia is known as a wet dough and that’s true, you could probably hang wall paper or plasterboard with it if needed. The thing is though, is that compared to something as fickle as sourdough, it’s actually a breeze. And the taste? Olive soaked, rosemary infused, garlicky, …

Soda Farls – The Champion of Bacon Vessels

You know what’s good on a Sunday morning? It’s not the light touch of your significant other or the sun streaming through your window. It’s finding the perfect vessel to deliver bacon to your mouth with.     Outside of the bread world there are lots of champions – rosti, hash browns, potato hash… Loads of variation. The English muffin …

Sausage Rolls Part 1

The Quest for The Perfect Sausage Roll Part 1

I’ve lived in Australia nearly two years, and as much as I love the place, as an Englishman the “lucky country” has one very big issue. It isn’t the blistering heat, the fist sized insects or even old numbnuts Abbott, it’s the sausage rolls. Go into most bakeries in Australia and the primary thing that you will find filling your …

Nic Cage on Toast

Nic Cage on Toast

The world is full of Nic Cage memes. As far as I’m aware there is no Nic Cage toast. Here is my offering….